Bridge Check Way

It is the space (way) where the inspector can check the lower part of the bridge.
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Product description and features

• Prevention of Safety Accidents

•The foothold and the lower honeycomb finishing material are used to prevent falling and improve visual stability to the maintenance personnel.

Prevention of Safety Accidents

  • Site assembly and minimized installation processes
  • The handrail installation method applied, which can guide the maintenance personnel to safe walking.
  • The U-shaped foothold is used to reduce sagging and vibrating thereby offering psychological comfort to the maintenance personnel.

Diverse designs

  • the maximum gap of the bracket is 1.85m

Maximized Structural Performance

  • A tapered bracket is used to improve and optimize the resistance to bending moments.
  • Projecting ribs causing no loss in the cross-section of the bracket are used.

Improved Construct ability and Maintenance

  • Coupled the projecting rib with the safety foothold using the downward self-drilling screws.
  • Used the projecting rib that does not require any accessories.
  • Made of light aluminum alloy for easy handling and assembly.
  • Used aluminum alloy to avoid corrosion and sticking of foreign materials.

Product picture