Expansion Joint

In order to avoid obstacles due to temperature changes and vibration of bridges,
It is elastic joints that connect copper or brass plates between separate structural materials.
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Expansion Joint 목록

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    • T/R Joint
    • • The expansion joint is light in weight and easy to cut, so it is easy to install from various angles.

      • Strength and elongation of the expansion joint main body prevents damage due to external im…
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    • New Finger Joint_A
    • • It is structured to minimize the discontinuing regions, has an outstanding flatness and drive ability, and generates little noise.

      • A unique rubber is added to improve the joint' s elasticity_ T…
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    • New Mono Cell Joint
    • • It offers higher durability than the rubber-based mono cell joints as the top safety steel plate is welded to the side plate, and the rubber is added to it inside the upper and the side plates.