Guard Rail

It is installed to prevent cars from falling off the road from mountain roads
and winding roads. In the city, pedestrians are protected
by installing them on the border of sidewalks and roadways.
"We accompany all the way in the world."

Guard rail 목록

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    • Guard Rail
    • ClassSB2 / SB4
    • • The safety barrier installed on the shoulder of the road is to prevent vehicles from departing from the lane.

      • The open safety barrier offers superior visibility and a function that prevents the…
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    • Bridge Guard Rail
    • ClassSB4 / SB5
    • • In case of a vehicle collision, the barrier guides the vehicle in the direction of travel preventing further fall, secondary collisions, or collision accidents involving others.

      • The open safety…
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    • Median Strip
    • ClassSB4
    • • Applicable to 4-lane highways and car-only lanes

      • Applicable to suburban roads designated for the installation of center dividers for its poor linearity and their exposure to traffic hazard
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    • W Guard Rail
    • ClassSB2 / SB4
    • • The guard rail which has excellent performance in preventing car from escaping to out of the road.
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    • Roller Guard Rail
    • ClassSB4
    • • Securing passenger safety and preventing secondary accidents with the rotating rollers.

      • The rollers are made of highly durable EVA. They are also highly resistant to shock, excellent in impac…
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    • Guard Rail Reflector
    • • It can be installed on sharp bends, in distant mountain areas, or on roads without streetlamp to help the drivers grasp the driving path and keep an eye on the road.

      • This product is applicable …