"Trustworthy and Beloved company"
Hangil moving to the world, Now is beginning.

We sincerely welcome you to our homepage.

We will realize responsible management through steady ritual reform and management innovation for continuous growth even in the midst of the rapidly progressing infinite competition.

In addition, we will expand and establish a growing corporate culture and aim to become a trustworthy and beloved company in the 21st century.

We will lead the 21st century and will lead the company in the world who pursues the affluent future of human and nature through steady efforts for self-development

We will do our best with the best quality and service under the management policy that regards the customer as the top priority.

Hangil Industrial Co., Ltd CEO Young-han Song

송영한 대표 서명


  • Faith
  • We pursue the fair competition as a social community by building trust with our customers in an honest and best attitude.
  • Based on systematic information, knowledge and effort, we work on the task with a willingness to not fear adversity.
  • We promote the development of individuals and companies with adapt quickly to change, and new minds and actions that lead to change.