Aluminum Rail

It is installed at the outer edge of high bridge, stairs, etc. to prevent people from falling,
and it is made of aluminum so can be made considering the aesthetics.
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Aluminu Rail 목록

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    • Aluminum Bridge Rail
    • ClassSB4
    • • This is suitable for bridges, 4-lane highways, and car-only lanes.

      • It adds an aesthetic touch to the scenery since it is made of aluminum.

      Road rail
      Driving and pedestrian safety is put fir…
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    • Footway Rail
    • The guard rail suitable for sidewalks on the bridge or on the cut slopes to prevent pedestrians from falling.

      • Easy to maintain as it is highly resistant to wind, rain, and corrosion

      • Can be i…
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    • Design Fence
    • • The fence can be used as a safety barrier for children zones, bike-only lanes, boundaries, and crossing prevention. It can be custom-made in various designs.
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    • Wooden Fence
    • • Suitable as the railing in children zones and bike-only lanes.

      • Made of eco-friendly natural wood to be harmonious to the surrounding environment.

      • Can be custom-made in various designs